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The Trained for Life Training Academy provides a range of courses for dog trainers, handlers and instructors of all levels, helping them to increase their knowledge of the dog mentally, physically and psychologically.

The Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor Programme starting in January 2017 is fully booked, however, if you’re interested in doing this exciting programme, please contact Lez as applications are now being taken for June 2017.

The Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor Programme
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From the author of The Pet GundogTM series comes The Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor Training Programme.

As more and more owners are following The Pet GundogTM books and throwing dummies around for fun, pet gundog training is on its way to becoming a specialism in its own right, and so, the originator of it all has decided to take things further. The time has come to train Accredited Pet Gundog Training Instructors.

The new accredited pet gundog instructors will, after 18 months of intensive training, not only be proficient in pet dog training, they’ll also be proficient in all aspects of training a gundog, as well as, to name but a few…

  • Mechanics of movement
  • Canine Anatomy & Physiology
  • Equipment design and usage
  • The psychology of the gundog
  • Common canine behaviours
  • Session planning
And because it’s from Lez Graham and her team, it goes without saying that her revolutionary, effective, positive and motivational training techniques will be used throughout.

Upon completion of the training programme and successful assessment, the trainers will either be Accredited Pet Gundog Instructors or Advanced Accredited Pet Gundog Instructors and will be able to use the coveted The Pet GundogTM logo, differentiating them from other gundog and pet dog trainers.

This programme will only be available to a maximum of 10 trainers per course, so if you would like to be part of this exciting new discipline, please contact Lez Graham for an application form.

The Pet Gundog Accredited Instructor Programme
We are passionate about providing courses that deliver high quality teaching using positive and motivational training styles...