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Manners Not Mayhem
Manners Not Mayhem book cover

Just like every parent in the world, those who have raised a puppy will attest to just how stressful and demanding having a cute new bundle of fur in the house can be. And those formative weeks and months are more important than any other, as owners work around the clock to ensure their puppies are well behaved and ready for the real world.

The Year of the Well Trained Dog
Year of the Well Trained Dog

When did sit, stand, down, come and walk on a loose lead turn into paw, twist, crawl, beg and walk on your hind legs?’

Over the last ten years or so I’ve seen a massive increase in dogs that can do the most amazing tricks but that can’t come when called.

Puppy Season - Part 4

The first week, or two
Over the next week or so you should be looking to train your puppy how to sit, stand, down, come when called and to walk loosely alongside you... don’t panic and think it’s a big list, remember your puppy is a sponge and the more you can play this game called training the easier life will be when you hit adolescence.

Puppy Season - Part 3

The first couple of days

So, you’ve got your puppy home with you, he’s had a wee, what now?

Well, now it’s time to sit on the floor and relax. If your puppy comes over to you, invite him into your space, if he’s having a little wander around the room that’s fine – don’t take your eyes off him though...

Puppy Season - Part 2

As we are in the ‘puppy’ season I’d thought I’d serialise part of The Pet Gundog Puppy book to help new puppy owners prepare for the new addition to the family and help them through the first week of bringing their puppy home.
This week we’ll look at bringing your puppy home...

Puppy Season

As we are in the ‘puppy’ season I’d thought I’d serialise part of The Pet Gundog Puppy book to help new puppy owners prepare for the new addition to the family and help them through the first week of bringing their puppy home.
This week we’ll look at preparing for the puppy’s arrival

Pick a breeder, any breeder
Lez with Dante

Acquiring a puppy way back when was much easier than it is now; you knew someone who had a litter or you knew someone whose mate had had a litter. My first dog came from my sister, my second I rescued as a puppy from a home who couldn’t toilet train him and so he was going to get put to sleep; n more

Dog Training or not Dog Training?
Dog Training or not Dog Training?

At first glance, no not dog training, however, I’m sure as you read on you’ll realise that actually yes, it is! So just what am I talking about?

Thinking outside of the box and recognising fantastic teaching, training and tutoring skills when you see them... and then applying them to train more

Training Ziggy To Use a Ramp

Back in November last year I was preparing for Dante to have an operation which meant he wouldn’t be able to jump in and out of the back of my car.

Weighing in at a whopping 35kg there was no way I was going to be able to lift him in and out so I decided it was time to train Dante how to b more

Where and when to train your Dog

Where and when to train your Dog

“Where and when don’t you?”

Every time you interact with your dog you’re training him on one level or another. Let’s just say for example, you’re settling down for the night to watch a movie and you tell your dog to go on his bed. He meanders o more

The Reluctant Retriever
Retrieving Roll

By far the most common problems that I see in my gundog training classes are owners struggling with dogs either not wanting to go pick up a retrieving item or, funnily enough, not want to bring it back.

Bearing in mind that the dog is a social predator and has a “what’s in it for me” philo more

Dante’s Diary 15 months

When I first looked to introduce Dante to water last year he was very wary and was quite reluctant to go in, so I decided to put it off until after the winter and we had some really nice warm days.

Unfortunately he managed to skin his front leg a couple of months ago so I had to wait for t more

Common Sense
Dont Touch The Dog

"Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend,
... by the name of Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.

He will be remembered as having cultivated more

Put the Camera Down

Put the Camera Down is The Dog Safety Education Executive’s campaign for 2015 and not only does it highlight the rise in the cutesy videos and photos that are currently flooding social media, but it is also highlighting that responsible parenting starts when you put the camera down.

As a p more

Dante’s Diary... a year today!

And what a year it’s been...

He’s turned into a lovely dog, very sweet natured and very soft but very, very determined...
And boy, oh boy what a chewer. He would have given Angus a run for his money in the destroyer stakes!
He’s completely besotted with Ziggy, although he does pu more

Dante’s Diary 9 months

9 MONTHS ! Just where has the time gone to?

Having spent the last month watching Dante go from 12 weeks to 7 months in half an hour for the puppy DVD it’s made me realise just how quickly our puppies go through the stages of puppyhood to adolescence to being teenagers... and Dante is most more

The Dicky Bag

I was given a camo’ coloured Dicky Bag just after Xmas and I’ve got to share just what a great gift it was.

Like every other responsible dog walker on the planet, the usual dilemma in relation to our dogs having a poo while out and about is nothing to do with picking it up and everything t more

Dante's Diary 5 months

Its been a wee while since I’ve put anything out for Dante not because I haven’t been doing any training but because, quite simply, I haven’t had time to get organised....

He’s turning into an absolute cracker of a dog with a great temperament and eyes that you can lose your soul in.

Spud's Recovery - 7 weeks post op.
Spuds Leg (X-Ray)

Spud’s recovery from his operation seems to be taking forever although it’s only been seven weeks.

I’d noticed that Spud wasn’t wanting to put his leg down and so the vet said we can start to walk him for 5 minutes at a time three times a day doing figure of eight more

Chew Resistant Dog Beds

After the hassle with the crate beds, I went back to the people that I got my kennel bed from to see if they would do me a 2 inch deep bed rather than the 4 inch deep one that I already had and love.

As you might guess, webbing direct said yes and not only did I get two crate beds for the more

Tuff Mutts beds Part II
Chewed Up Tuff Mutt bed


After receiving the email from Tuff Mutts which kind of said “Tuff”, being ever the optimist, I thought "ok so I now have one nice bed for Dante and I can turn the other one over so the chewed bit is underneath and use it for Dante’s crate in the car – not another £30 down the drain more

Tuff Mutts beds Part I
Chewed Up Tuff Mutt bed

So, Spud my little spaniel has always been a bit of a chewer... after getting through umpteen beds I'd more or less given up on anything but the massive 4 inch thick vandal proof one that I have outside for them.

And then he damaged his leg...

There was no way that I could put a dog more

Dante's Diary week nine

It’s been a manic couple of weeks... not so much with Dante but with my spaniel Spud.

We went off with the boys to do some training on Salisbury plains in the middle week, when Dante was two days of 16 weeks. Dante had a lovely, if somewhat distracting, walk around one of the copses where more

Dogs and Girls
13 yr-old Lez with Kym

I had some friends come to stay last weekend with their dog-mad 10 year old grand daughter. As always the topic got around to whether to get a dog or not and, as the grand daughter is rapidly heading towards 11, I added my usual of 'I think every 12 year old girl should be given a dog to train'. more

Dante's Diary week seven

The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men... an' wee puppy owners! Yup, you've got it; it doesn't matter how many times you go through 'puppyhood' you ALWAYS forget what a time consuming phase it is and how 24 hours to a day quite simply doesn't work, no matter how you slice it up...

So I apo more

Dante's Diary week four

I can’t believe that it’s been just over 4 weeks since Dante came home... and that he’s now 12 weeks! It feels as if he’s been here forever but also just arrived...

He’s definitely getting more confident in himself, with people and with my other dogs, barking at them and being a bit ‘cheek more

Dante's Diary week three...take two

It’s been a great week this week with young Dante... great but exhausting...
I know it’s becoming a bit of a theme but anyone who’s had puppies will be nodding. Thank goodness we forget just how tiring it is otherwise we’d only ever have one puppy.

Dante is now completely on Natural I more

Dante's Diary week three...

I can remember when my son was a baby how everyone said to make the most of it as before I know it he’ll have grown up and left home... well this week has kind of been like that...

Living on puppy adrenaline (if you haven’t had a puppy yet it’s kind of a mix of exhaustion and elation!) thi more

Dante's Diary week two...

Dante’s Diary – week two

Well that was the week that was...

So much for taking time off for puppy, training and getting lots of puppy cuddles....

The week started rather frantic as politics in the dog training world took over so it really was snatches of puppy training a more

Dante's Diary week one...

Dante’s Diary – week one

Meet Dante...

Dante is now 8 weeks; in fact he was 8 weeks to the day when I started the filming.

He’s the nephew of my lovely Ziggy and will be the canine star of DVD that will be coming out to accompany my book The Pet Gundog Puppy.

As pa more

Natural Instinct
Natural Instinct

Like many dog owners I’ve worked my way through many different ways of feeding my dogs as well as many different brands, however, I have at last found a brand that has not only put amazing condition on my very whizzy Labrador, but has maintained it, given him a coat to die to for and yup, nice f more

The Doodle Dilemma

The Doodle Dilemma

Although my heart belongs to the Labrador breed, I do have a Golden Retriever at home and have had, in the past, the classic Heinz 57’s. I’m not a ‘pedigree purist’ rather I believe in getting the type of dog (pedigree or cross-breed) that suits your needs, your famil more

Badminton 2014

It’s not very often these days that I’m lost for words, but Friday really was one of those days. Friday not only saw my first trip to Badminton, but it saw me not only meeting one of my teenage heroines but actually helping her!

On Friday I had the absolute honour of meeting none other tha more

Not You!!
Not You command

The 'not you' command is such a little beauty of a technique to train, even if I do say so myself... once you've taught it you can use it anywhere - it's just as transferrable as 'sit' and is fantastic for setting boundaries when staying somewhere new.

To learn how to train it see The Pet more

May Day
Well May certainly got off to an awesome start...
New website launched...
DVDs launched...
First article for Sporting Gun published...

It’s all very exciting now that my DVDs are now available, hopefully it’s another way of sharing my training techniques and in more