Trained For Life


Originally I was going to write one big book entitled The Pet Gundog which covered gundog training from choosing your puppy to going on a shoot. However, not only was it a truly daunting task but I thought that the majority of pet gundog owners really don’t want anything more than a very well behaved dog that they can take for walks and enjoy throwing things for in a relatively structured way.

Likewise, people who have an adult dog at home don’t necessarily want to read about toilet training and puppy training and so it was back to the proverbial drawing board to split my idea up into more manageable chunks to write and also make more appealing to the gundog owner. And so was born a set of three gundog training books for the pet gundog owner:

The Pet Gundog Puppy starts with “can I have a puppy?”, moves swiftly on to “What have I done?” and guides you all the way through to the young dog being 8 months old and being ready to embark on more advanced training.

The Pet Gundog introduces you to the psychology of the dog as well as how to achieve a well-behaved and well-mannered dog at home. Basic training and basic gundog training is covered in this book; enough to get your pet gundog retrieving nicely and doing a bit of hunting. We dip our toes into the shooting world, enough so that you can understand what your dog has been bred for.

The Advanced Pet Gundog, picks up where The Pet Gundog and The Pet Gundog Puppy leave off and will take you from the basic retrieve to a shoot, if that’s what you’d like to do with your dog, to the Working Gundog Certificate or a Novice Working Test... well, the techniques and ‘how to’ are covered anyway; the rest, as they say, is up to you.

All of my books are non-group specific, by that I mean they will cover the training for all round retrieving and hunting... not quite a ‘one size fits all’ but not far off - HPR and Setter specific training are not covered.