Trained For Life

Level 3 Certificate in Canine Studies

Trained for Life is one of the only recognised training centres in the UK to offer the Open College Network West Midlands Level 3 Certificate in Canine Studies. This certificate, which is externally verified and been accredited 24 credits by OFQUAL, has been developed to provide detailed underpinning knowledge of canine care and welfare.

The course comprises multi-faceted learning styles and students will benefit from continuous mentoring from a renowned name in dog behaviour and training. The course tutor holds an MA in Canine Behaviour & Psychology and regularly gives lectures and training courses to Canine Professionals on Dog Training, Behaviour, Canine Anatomy and the Mechanics of Movement.

Lez teaching Canine A & P

Upon successful completion, you will be accredited with a Level 3 Certificate in Canine Studies.
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Level 3 Certificate in Canine Studies

Open College Network West Midlands Qualification: 24 credits

Fully tutored correspondence course of 6 months duration: £400

Who’s this course suitable for?

This Level 3 Certificate in Canine Studies is right for you if you are already working with, or want to work with dogs in a professional manner, want to expand your underpinning knowledge of the dog, in all of its glory, and achieve a nationally recognised qualification, not only within the Canine Profession but one that is regulated by OFQUAL.

The course covers:

  • Care and welfare requirements of dogs throughout life
  • The healthcare requirements of dogs
  • The responsibilities of dog ownership
  • Knowing how to prevent problem behaviours in dogs
  • Detailed Anatomy & Physiology of the dog
    • The cardio-respiratory system
    • The digestive system
    • Support and movement
    • The PNS and CNS
    • The endocrine system
    • The special senses
  • The sources and function of major nutrients in the domesticate dogs diet
  • The design of appropriate feeding regimes
  • The effect of diet on the health and behaviour of the dog
  • Setting up a professional canine business

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