Trained For Life

The Consultation

During and following on from your initial telephone conversation an appointment will be made and a client questionnaire sent out for you to fill in and return prior to your appointment.

The consultation takes place in your own home, initially over a coffee, whilst Lez gets a fuller picture of your relationship with your dog. Depending upon the behaviour that requires modification (as prioritised by you in your form) we then observe your dog in action, for example walking in public places to observe fear / aggression responses.

Lez will then explain, with complete honesty and no technical jargon, what she believes is causing, or probably causing, the behaviour and what the chances are of realistically modifying / managing the problem.

Canine learning and mentality will be explained in detail and any handling techniques necessary or equipment required will be demonstrated by example.

Generally only one consultation is required and it will last between 2 and 3 hours. You'll then receive a comprehensive written report and a behaviour modification programme.

Telephone and email correspondence is encouraged so that your progress is assessed and further advice can be given if required.

You may be able to use your Pet Insurance for the consultation.