Trained For Life


Lez is passionate not just about dogs, but about all things ‘dog’ and that includes ensuring safety around them.

Dogs are social predators, there’s simply no getting away from it. And not only are they a different species to us they have different social rules to follow. That doesn’t mean that they won’t follow ours, they will but they need to be educated through training to follow them whereas they follow their own instinctively. We as a species however, are pretty poor at recognising communication systems other than our own, tend to humanise everything and forget that we are dealing with and living predators. And herein lies the problem...

Lez co-founded The Dog Safety Education Executive (DogSEE) in 2011 to educate the people who come across dogs as part of their work or home life, on how to stay safe. Workshops, school visits, lectures, dog shows and festivals are all offered by DogSEE as a way of promoting knowledge of safety around dogs.

Lez and Ross at SuperVet 2015

Easter 2015 saw the launch of their #putthecameradown campaign to encourage parents to be in the moment with their dogs and children and hopefully, start to bring down the escalating bite statistics.

Lez at SuperVet 2015
Chilton Foliat