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Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Due to the complex nature of their relationship with us, dogs are the only animal on the planet that have their own specific set of laws pertaining to their behaviour. Whether they are in relation to noise, livestock, fouling or biting, the laws are there to protect us and others from dogs being a nuisance in society or a danger.

Dog attacks are frequently in the news, often with terrible and tragic consequences; many of these incidents are down to the dog being seriously out of control.

For each case that makes the headlines however, there are hundreds which go unreported to the media resulting in perfectly ‘normal’ dogs being destroyed.

Unfortunately dogs, and their owners, can sometimes find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, with an incident triggering a defensive reaction on the part of the dog, leading to a much loved family pet being needlessly put to sleep; devastating for the owner and their family.

As an experienced Dog Behaviourist holding a Masters degree in Canine Behaviour and Psychology, Lez can carry out expert witness testimony on your dogs character by temperament testing in it’s current environment, providing a detailed report as commissioned by solicitors and agencies such as Social Services for use in a court of law.

Your solicitor should email Lez ( with basic facts about your case so that professional fees can be quoted for your approval (Lez accepts both private and legal aid funded cases). Once approved your solicitor will send written instruction to Lez along with any evidence to be reviewed. An appointment is made to assess your dogs behaviour and a full report of the findings is then sent to your solicitor.