Trained For Life

Lead Mate

When Jaan Hurditch, designer of what was then Leash Mate and is now Lead Mate, contacted me a couple of years ago asking if I’d like to try a new piece of equipment to help with dogs that pull, my initial thought was “Oh not another bit of bondage for the dog…”

It is however, anything but. What I was sent was an ingenious 3D printed prototype of a device that screws on to the dog lead to help prevent lead burns on our hands from dogs that pull on the lead.

We all know that training a dog to walk on a loose lead is absolute key, for their benefit and ours, and always the best solution, however, while you’re working towards that goal, Lead Mate is a valuable and, in my mind essential piece of training kit... especially if you have sore hands or your grip isn’t quite what it used to be.

This fantastic piece of equipment simply screws on to your dog lead, is available for both flat leads and round leads and comes in black, red, blue, pink and, especially useful on those winter nights or early mornings, glow in the dark.

Lead Mate