Trained For Life

Lez was thrilled that Andrew Treleaven of Gencon saw the benefit of the products that she had designed and agreed to manufacture them for her. Once the prototypes were made she teamed up with Nick Ridley to produce the promotional videos, design rights were registered, and, using only the best quality materials, the British made Lez Graham range went into production and were launched at Crufts 2015.

These products encompass all that Lez Graham believes in; dog training to a high standard using reward based methods coupled with a large dash of common sense.

They really have been designed with your dog in mind.

Lez Graham product range logo

Retrieving Roll

Retrieving Roll The Retrieving roll

Slip & Clip Lead

Slip & Clip Lead Slip and Clip Lead

Brace Lead

/Brace Lead The Brace Lead