Trained For Life


Reason for Visit: Pop's dominant attitude and over-excitability
Changes: We noticed a change in behaviour immediately. She seems more relaxed and a lot calmer and we have control.
Anything Else: It's nice to just be able to get on with day to day activities at home and not have to worry where the dog is, what it's doing, what it's chewing etc. She has calmed down to be a lovely companion as opposed to a burden. Highly recommend, only wish had sought help sooner. Peaceful at last.


Reason for Visit: Over excited and attention seeking
Changes: Maisie no longer pulls on the lead and is much more calm than she used to be. Friends have noticed a big difference in her. She will sit and stay until we tell her to come. She now sleeps on her own bed and not our sofa! We are all more assertive with her so she knows we are in charge and not her.
Anything Else: Having Lez out for guidance was money very well spent. We now have a dog that is much calmer around people and a pleasure to walk. The training will continue as per Lez's fabulous report and we look forward to having a well trained pet gundog. Can't wait to start the classes!


Reason for Visit: Nipping & Aggression
Changes: We saw changes in Monty very quickly after your visit, no nipping, no barking etc. 100% better since your visit. We are a lot more relaxed around Monty now we know how to address the problems.
Anything Else: We would highly recommend Lez to anyone else. In the end it was only common sense which was shown to use in a very professional way. We cannot praise you enough. Thank You.


Reason for Visit: Possessive aggression
Changes: Following Lez’s visit, I immediately felt more relaxed and confident around Fudge. Lez made me see that Fudge wasn’t an evil dog – just one that had stepped up to fill the vacancy of leader – the role that I wasn’t filling. I have been amazed at how just a few seemingly small changes have made a big difference to Fudge’s behaviour. Overall he seems more relaxed and much more biddable. I no longer feel nervous around Fudge – the discs were brilliant in giving me, as Lez put it ‘a set of teeth’ with which to remind Fudge that I was in charge, not him, but without forcing a confrontation. The first time he displayed his possessive aggressive behaviour I used the discs and they worked. it felt so good to be back in control. We still have a long way to go but the small victories really do mean a lot and with every one I feel more relaxed and confident with Fudge, which in turn creates a positive cycle instead of the negative one we had got stuck in.
Anything Else: Lez’s calm, friendly manner really put me at ease and she explained her methods in a clear and easy to understand way. When she said she was always at the end of the phone or email for questions I knew she meant it. Thank you Lez!


Reason for Visit: Fear aggression
Having kept rescued dogs all my life I really thought I understood them! My lurcher Maisie was rescued and although never badly treated and very good natured was fear aggressive towards other dogs in nearly all situations which made taking her out on walks stressful and unpleasant. Lez explained pack behaviour very clearly to me and that Maisie lacked leadership and therefore confidence in some situations. Armed with that understanding and by following Lez's clear instructions it did not take long to improve Maisie's behaviour, which in turn has allowed me to have so much fun and laughter with Maisie. I would recommend that anyone with a dog problem contact Lez. It is worth every penny.


Reason for Visit: separation anxiety
Changes: Our first impression of Lez was extremely positive, she has a passion for dogs and clearly understands their psychology. She was able to guide us through the consultation, providing a step by step explanation with direct relevance to Sam's condition. We had thought it might reveal our failure as pet owners but nothing could be further from the truth. Lez suggested small corrective steps which gradually built up into a cohesive schedule. The programme that we now have is progressive, easy to administer and has on initial impression begun to work immediately.
Anything Else: Our only regret is that we have waited this long before taking action in helping Sam through his challenges and would strongly recommend Lez to anyone who is finding the whole business of pet ownership problematic.


Reason for Visit: Aggressive tendencies towards people
Changes: Madison calmed down and became very much more relaxed. This has continued in the 2 days since the consultation. She has become more content and does not follow us about all the time. Although we understood the need to be the leader, some of our “human” actions were not helpful to Madison. By giving her too much attention this reinforced her need to seek more and more attention.
Anything Else: The tools, techniques and improved understanding imparted by Lez have started to improve the way Madison reacts to people. This has started us along the road of a great relationship with a lovely dog who needed our help. We will be using the report to guide us so that we can improve our training skills and give Madison the direction she needs.


Reason for Visit: Oliver was showing aggression toward other dogs and jumping up at people
Changes: INSTANT!! I am truly stunned at the difference Lez has made to my little dog and my handling of him. We have gone from avoiding other dogs to walking right past them without incident. And Ollie hasn't jumped up at anybody or followed me up the stairs since Lez left my house. All done in the space of a three hour consultation! Amazing!
Anything Else: If anyone had told me that our problem could be sorted during one consult, I wouldn't have believed them! But that is exactly what Lez has done. She has made a huge difference to my little family and for that I will be eternally grateful. We still have a little work to do but I am sure that within the next couple of weeks, I will have two well behaved, polite and most importantly, happy and emotionally well balanced dogs. Not only has Lez made a huge difference to the behaviour of my dogs but she has given me the confidence and the tools I needed to become a respected pack leader!
The best money I have spent since buying my dogs! Thank you Lez, you certainly know your stuff and I couldn't recommend you highly enough.


Reason for visit : Aggressive behaviour towards other dogs regardless of whether on or off lead.
Changes ? We have encountered many dogs on our walks and she has ignored all of them! She happily goes to her basket outside the bedroom door - on the first night we had a couple of whine's but that was it. Bramble has actually started eating her food now too - no chicken just dried food with a little hot water (never thought I'd see the day!).
Anything else ? Can't tell you how pleased I am so far with the results. Am now recommending you to anyone that will listen!


Gertie is a yellow Labrador Retriever who was 18 months old at the time of Lez's visit. She was home bred from good working gundog stock. I was finding it really difficult to connect with her. She was quite a dominant, hyper active character and she wasn't looking at me or to me for instruction. We were both in a constant state of high alert wondering who was going to 'break' first!
After five minutes with Lez's techniques Gertie was walking to heel calmly with me. I relaxed, she relaxed and I have a different dog who is respectful and now progressing steadily. I think she is a joy to have out and about.


Reason for visit : Pulling on a lead. Manic behaviour when outside - unreliable recall. Had started to dread taking Toby out for a walk and was deliberately avoiding routes where we would see lots of dogs.
Changes ? Toby is calmer, more submissive, walking on a loose lead, able to walk past other dogs without lurching / dragging us towards them and he's not jumping up at strangers / visitors. We're calmer, more relaxed and able to stop and talk to other people on walks.
Anything else ? Wished we'd called you earlier ! Could not believe how quick the transformation was. Money well spent.


Reason for visit : Pulling on a lead and dominant behaviour and subsequently refusing to jump in the car.
Changes ? Oscar is much calmer both in and out of the home. He's walking on the lead much better and is more obedient/ he responds to silent commands now (eg., pointing) and is much happier and jumping in and out of the car. I'm calmer and more confident.
Anything else ? Wish I'd found Lez years ago ! Your approach was very calm and encouraging and convinced me it was possible to 'turn Oscar around' by changing my feelings and approach.


Reason for visit : Nervous aggression in Maud's behaviour.
Changes ? Lots ! She is a lot calmer, more willing to behave as I want her to and a dream on the lead. It was a very worthwhile morning and I really appreciate your help and advice, plus it was lovely meeting you.
Anything else ? I have a much better understanding of how her mind works which makes me a better owner. Many thanks !


Reason for visit : To stop Indy jumping up, to stop her pulling on the lead and to listen to me as her owner.
Changes ? An immediate change. After 10 mins of working with Lez Indy was a changed dog... she didn't pull, she stopped jumping up and she was happy to follow my commands.
Anything else ? She has never jumped up on anyone again and she is a pleasure to walk with on a lead... an unbelievable change.


Reason for visit : Tarka was jumping up on all the kitchen surfaces (front paws) and taking anything that happened to be there - food, teatowels, papers etc. It was becoming a real problem and nothing I said or did seemed to make any difference. We were also having problems with her pulling on the lead.
Changes ? Lez's visit was a complete revelation and turning point. With her help the jumping up problem was eradicated almost overnight. We were also taught how to get her to walk on a loose lead.
Anything else ? Lez's holistic approach and teaching on the whole 'pack' mentality of a dog made so much sense and helped me to understand how the relationship between a dog and a human should work. What is so interesting is how the dog actually wants you to be the leader and how important it is that we lay down the boundaries. It is all about teaching respect and self-control and making a few adjustments. I have found it very rewarding and worthwhile. Tarka is a real pleasure to be with and I am so glad we discovered Lez. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has 'issues' of any sort with their dogs.


Reason for visit : Barking and aggression to other dogs.
Changes ? We are working on the programme and there are good signs of improvement already.
Anything else ? The session was very helpful and we were grateful for Lez’s calm and wise advice.


Puppy: Tara

Reason for Visit: Initial puppy consulation
Changes: Get me into good habits, get Tara on the right track.
Anything Else: A really excellent session to get Tara and me into good habits so I can train her to be my assistance dog. She is responding really well and I’m feeling confident that she will become a really helpful dog as well as a wonderful companion.

Puppy: Jessie

Reason for Visit: Puppy instruction and early guidance.
Changes: Greater calmness in Jessie, and more confidence in my interactions with her.
Anything Else: Fantastically clear instruction, with great back up. As a new and inexperienced dog owner I felt the need for unambiguous advice. Thank you!.

Puppy: Purdy

Reason for Visit: General guidence on Puppy craft with a view to laying foundations for Pet Gundog training.
Changes: Confidence and swifter obedience By giving clear and precise instructions to Purdy, she was able to respond and learn more quickly. Part of this is because we have a better understanding of how a dog thinks, but also the demonstrations and explanations of the task made it easier.
Anything Else: The help you have given from the moment we contacted you has been amazing. We had not expected to get answers until our meeting, but you responded immediately. We loved your approach to the subject of all dog matters, and enjoyed sharing some of your vast knowledge. You made the training exercises seem easy and logical, and all in a very gentle way. We recognise you also have great 'people skills'.

Puppy: Oscar

We wanted to try to achieve a well-mannered and obedient puppy and knew that our 11 week old Pyrenean sheepdog puppy would be a challenge. Lez was recommended to us by an acquaintance whom she had helped. Lez’s visit to us gave us a fascinating insight into dogs and their behaviour and how they learn. Her follow up report was so informative and helpful and has been consulted on a daily basis. We subsequently phoned for help when the puppy started clinging to my trousers and nipping my ankles. Lez’s advice cured him within 48 hours and there has been no further attempt to repeat this behaviour. While we still have way to go to achieve our goal, Oscar is responding well most of the time – where it goes wrong is doubtless error on our part. We are so grateful to Lez for all her help and have every intention of following up her suggestion of a session later on re. walking on a loose lead.

Puppy: Wooster

I knew what I wanted from a dog: a dog with manners, well behaved and not stressed, a dog that would be happy to be part of our family.
I also knew what I didn’t want: a dog who persistently barked or jumped up at us, a dog who didn’t know how to behave with other dogs.
But how to get this; we speak 6 languages between the 5 of us but none of us speak ‘dog’.
Lez Graham is the Rosetta stone of ‘dog’ she not only showed us how to train our puppy but gave us insight into his world, the world of ‘dog’. The reasons for his behaviour became much clearer after she had been to us as part of the Puppy Package. After her visit I knew for sure how much I loved our puppy and feel it is a privilege s pending the time to train him to get the best out of him and realise his potential.
The best money I have spent since buying my dogs! Thank you Lez, you certainly know your stuff and I couldn't recommend you highly enough.

Puppy: Daisy

your session was very helpful and extremely informative, and the personalised plan is very useful indeed. Your methods are largely working, and where Daisy’s behaviour is not 100% it’s clearly human error and failure to follow the rules that’s to blame!

Puppy: Martha

Reason for visit : Just wanted to get things right this time round.
Changes ? Enjoying Martha even in her juvenile period and in turn Martha is much more manageable and calm.
Anything else ? Just a big thank you for all your help and advice - looking forward to training classes.