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The Pet Gundog Weekend Workshops

Training at Howards

Lez Graham’s Weekend Workshops are exceptionally good value for money, covering not only the “how” to train your gundog but “why” as well.

Based on the best selling Pet Gundog Series, these fabulous weekends run three times a year starting with The Beginner Pet Gundog in February. The Novice Pet Gundog is perfectly timed in June, just as you’re starting to look for more challenging things to do with your dog. The Intermediate Pet Gundog in the Autumn, is all about finishing your training and preparing for working with game.

The Pet Gundog Weekend Workshops are a fantastic way of learning new, effective, positive and motivational training techniques as well as learning more about yourself and your dog.

Dog psychology, the mechanics of movement, canine communication and body language are all covered throughout the weekend making these the most comprehensive set of weekend workshops you’ll ever experience with your gundog... and on top of that you get to enjoy the company of other like-minded gundog owners at the award-winning MacDonald Crutherland House in the stunning Clyde Valley.

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We are passionate about providing courses that deliver high quality teaching using positive and motivational training styles...